Leonarda Tardi di Mazzara Calogero, Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 25 91020 SALAPARUTA (TP) P.Iva 02686220811​


Leonarda Tardi © 2024

Our Values

Our values are embedded in Leonarda Tardi’s genetic code
If we are devoted to just one business - wine – it is above all because of our Passion for it. 
Passion for what wine can bring to women and men: an openness towards others. Passion also for a business which is intrinsically linked to humanity and culture.

Because make wine for us means seeking to attention to detail and only a craftsman can work whit passion and take care of every steps of production process ... Without this passion, the Leonarda Tardi adventure would never have been possible.

Our modern project is fueled by the desire to create a healthy company, far from the compromises linked to the underworld.

We are part of the network of companies that adhere to the No MAFIA project. The logo of the NO Mafie network is clearly recognizable in each of our bottles. Drinking our wines helps Critical Consumption to support activities that do not accept compromises.

Our principles are Integrity, Respect, Courage and Transparency.
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