Leonarda Tardi di Mazzara Calogero, Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 25 91020 SALAPARUTA (TP) P.Iva 02686220811​


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From the heart of Sicily with intense flavours and unique minerality.

Leonarda Tardi is a Sicilian Winery specialized in the production of Red Wine ALIKASE Nero d'avola and the White Wine blend between Catarratto and Chardonnay.
We can serve the domestic market in 24 hours from the order, but we also export by cooperating with serious importers and distributors. 

Ciao! We are Calogero and Eliana Mazzara, siblings and producers from Salaparuta, come with us to discover the LEONARDA TARDI wines!

Our number, Our successes

Although no number can grasp the spirit of a company, there are still figures that define its path and its character. Having reached 32,125 bottles produced in 2022 and being present in 7 countries around the world, are not just statistical data, but the tangible testimony of a credibility consolidated over the years, starting from 2016, the year of the first harvest.

Country Export

First Harvest

Bottles produced 2022


Our Wine

A collection of white and red Sicilian wine

We grow and produce our wine in Salaparuta, Sicily, with a Mediterranean climate and strong sun.

In the vineyards, we focus on quality by taking advantage of the soil quality and sun.



The People

We are a family company

Leonardi Tardi was created with the love of the Mazzara Family. We’ve been cultivating our vineyards since the beginning of the last century. 


Our Value  


Our values are embedded in Leonarda Tardi’s genetic code

We are devoted to just one business - wine - our true passion.

Passion for what wine can bring to both women and men; an openness towards others. 



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